In conversation with Diana Ekladious

Diana Ekladious-min

Who is Diana Ekladious?

A law graduate, experienced Director and course with an interest in making the lives of young people brighter, and ensuring future generations have the support and safeguarding they need.

Why does the world need a CM2 Trust?

Social work is a profession that often goes under the radar, but in reality, this rewarding work is holding society together and is often a beacon of hope in the lives of vulnerable young people.

A key component of social work is progressing and looking for opportunities for vulnerable children and this is where CM2 Trust comes in. We currently offer two free programmes for young people, which involves interpersonal skill development, interview techniques, and upon completion of the course, job opportunities are in abundance.

We support key workers with putting their young people on the right track and we offer full tutor support for 4 weeks, and then personal development and employability support  for a further 4 weeks. The learners will liaise with our progression team in this time and ensure their needs are met,  job wise. We make the incredibly stressful lives of social workers easier and give their young people a much needed outlet into the working and professional world.

Motivation… Can you tell us what inspires or motivates you as a Director of CM2 Trust?

There are many lucrative opportunities out there and there are many vulnerable children with no real exposure to these opportunities. I am motivated by a desire to get these opportunities across to young people and reduce the amount of NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training) in London.

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